Thursday 30 January 2014

words to live by: i am in charge of how i feel

"i am in charge of how i feel, and today i am choosing happiness"
-unknown (?)

one thing about me is that i love a lot of quotes. and, maybe i've been using tumblr too long, but somehow quote/messages seem to ring a bit more true when they're placed in attractive typographic fashion on ambiguously unrelated (but visually appealing) backgrounds, don't you think?! ;D kiddingggg (half...) but i thought this would be a fun way to share some of my favourites in any case.

anyways, i love the simplicity and truth of this one. because, if you think about it, we really do have a lot of control over the places our mind and thoughts go. we just seem to be prone to relinquishing this control over to the stressors and negative energy that life can bring, and our thoughts can become our worst enemies this way.

our thoughts are, literally, our entire perception of everything. they shape our entire world. i realize that 'choose happiness' can seem as empty a sentiment as something like 'think positive', in that there's really no substance behind it; they're just words. but i interpret this as being conscious of our thinking and moulding it to something with a greater propensity to happiness than negativity. there are times when you won't be successful, of course... but what else can you do but try?

when the going gets tough, it really is possible to re-train your mind to see things more positively and - let's face it - more realistically. we humans are natural drama queens and excellent at feeling sorry for ourselves. some people might be naturals at this 'choosing happiness' business, but i think most of us can admit to falling into negative thinking traps sometimes! i know i certainly do, which is why i appreciate little reminders like this - not necessarily solutions, but places to start.

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