Saturday 25 January 2014

what i wore 001

hello, hello! this marks the first in a new series i'm quite excited about, so brilliantly entitled 'what i wore' (WIW).

it's basically exactly what it sounds like... haha. an OOTD, only (obviously) drawn. this series is inspired by viet-my bui, who i got the idea from. i absolutely love her WIW drawings (and her art in general)! i really want to start drawing more frequently, and opening up my comfort zone a bit in terms of my subjects. these are great practice, so i'm planning on doing at least one a week, with the hope of improving as time goes on. i also like the idea of sharing more of my artwork on here!

anyways, i figured it was appropriate to begin with an outfit fairly typical of me, as this one is. baggy tops and leggings pretty much comprise my typical uniform (the white 'tunic' is actually just a very oversized v-neck t-shirt). something i enjoy doing is taking simple, basic pieces and pairing them together to make something... less simple and basic! you'll also find a side-braid is my go-to hairstyle. (not pictured are the stacked bracelets which i'm also almost always wearing an assortment of.)

so... yeah. in terms of the drawing, it's just something i sketched on paper & transferred into photoshop for colouring. i'm okay with where i am as a starting point... but am definitely looking forward to practicing more so these are quicker and easier to make :)

p.s.: cardigan & shirt - from old navy, ages ago, on clearance. braided belt from ardene. boots from payless. :3

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