it’s kind of awkward writing these... but i always enjoy reading other peoples’, and appreciate the introspection. so, here’s my attempt at letting you know what i’m about.

i'm olivya, a.k.a alou (i explain ‘her’ further down). i'm from canada and have an awesome cat (pictured above). don’t let those round amber eyes fool you, though... he’s a feisty brat who bit me right after i took that photo, but it’s my fault as a bona fide cat-mom who happily spoils him rotten. i’m a university student completing a joint major in design & business. that might seem like a motley combination at first, but it’s actually pretty nifty since it gives me a unique perspective of two disparate worlds. regardless, i will always be an artist at heart.

i’m a starry-eyed artist-type, your basic quirky geek with a vivid imagination and a penchant for anything related to nature or fantasy. i have a long-standing love for pokémon, wolves, and harry potter. i’m a bookworm*, enthusiastic organizer, chronic list-maker, and supporter of the oxford comma. my hobbies include avoiding anything that tastes or smells like lime and caring way too much about what colour kleenex box i buy. i suppose “head in the clouds, feet on the ground” could describe me somewhat... though i tend to lean towards the former, and not always by accident. i aim to seek and find inspiration everywhere in everything. i’m gaining traction, and rapidly building up a list things i want to learn, pursue, and/or devote more time to... and am realizing that a mere 24 hours in a day will simply not do.

if you want to know more about my art & design endeavours, i made a special page just for that!
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who is alou?

and just who is alou, you may ask? i suppose the best way to describe her is as my alter-ego... or my muse. in reality, ‘alou’ was the pseudonym (or as i called it, my “online alias”) that i used on the internet (we’re talking on neopets, here) in my younger years (my parents effectively scared me out of ever giving my real name or age online... with good reason, i know!). it’s a bit of a long story, but over time this 'alias' of mine developed something of her own persona. my favourite animals are wolves, which explains the ‘wolf’ suffix, first put into use when ‘alou’ on its own had too few characters to be a username for something.

when deciding what to call this venture of mine, i mulled it over for some time before realizing alouwolf was too engrained a part of me to move away from. in fact, this alou-'persona’ of mine encompasses all the best parts of me - certainly my creative side - which is exactly how i want what i’m building here to reflect :)

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