Wednesday 12 February 2014

what i wore 002

derp. so, this WIW is super delayed, because for some reason this picture gave me a bunch of grief! i think i ended up redrawing the head 3 times. i'm not even sure why; it's not even a difficult pose or anything! ah well.

but, anyways... here's numero dos in my what i wore series :3 i spent some more time on this one and think i'm already getting a better hang of them. human faces are hard ;__; faces'n'hands, the bane of so many artists' existence(...s?)

i find digital art can be quite unforgiving in some ways; it seems easier to mask mistakes in a sketch! buttt getting past that is one of the things i'm trying to practice. (and not "cheating" by colouring under sketches ;) ...or making it look ~sketchier~ like i did for my last one. ha.)

(as satisfying as braids are to draw, i've made a mental note to wear my hair differently for the next one... haha.)

cardigan - bootlegger
dress - h&m
belt - ardene
boots - payless

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