Saturday 18 January 2014

decor idea: DIY faerie dust vials!

i make it no secret that i am totally infatuated with anything fantasy or magic themed, and find my imagination wanders into these ethereal places every chance it gets. i’m also in love with adding personalized touches to... well, everything i come in contact with, basically! as a very visual person, i adore decorating... especially when it’s in my own space. i thought it would be fun to share a few of the things i come up with on here.

a little while ago i was browsing the craft section of a dollar store (as one does) and spotted some pretty packets of coloured glitter nearby these adorable tiny corked vials. my mind immediately snapped to the idea of faerie dust, and... i couldn’t pass them up!

this is SUCH a simple concept that i totally didn’t need to make an entire pictorial for it... butttttt doing so involved the opportunity to play around with (and photograph) glitter, and i think it makes for a more interesting post than simply telling you to pour glitter into a vial. that seemed a bit too flippant, considering we’re dealing with faerie dust here ;)

so, without further ado... shall we?

1: obtain glass vials (or other similar small container) & faerie dust (loose glitter is a good dupe, if you can’t get your hands on the real stuff). most dollar/craft stores should have these.
2: make a beautiful mess :) or you could use a funnel... i guess. sometimes the more finely milled glitter will stick to the inside of the glass - you can easily remedy this with a q-tip.
optional: add identification labels! i just used a bit of hemp twine wrapped around the neck of the vial along with a couple of jump rings to affix mine.
3: and you’re done! experiment with chunky & fine glitter, layering different colours, mixing them... the possibilities are endless :)

and there you have it, a way to create your very own collection of faerie dust! display them wherever you think your space could use a bit of magic.

P.S: there’s glitter all over my room after taking the photos for this post (i love it)
P.P.S: i also managed to get glitter in my eye at one point (didn’t love that so much)

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