Thursday 16 January 2014

all about my etsy shop

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oh, etsy... you (wonderful) black hole of adorably artsy handmade bits & bobs. i’m so excited to finally, finally have my own etsy shop up and running! pictured above are a few of my favourites (well, everything in there is a favourite, but you know...) from my shop. there's not too many items on there yet, but i'm working on it! :)

i’ve always loved the look of handmade jewelry (among other handmade things) and making my own is something i’ve really enjoyed for a very long time... but doing so was never really a priority or something i dedicated much time to. then i discovered etsy, and proceeded to be amazed by all of the talented makers of things out there. how they were putting these talents to good use, and (i assume) getting great satisfaction out of doing so. i wanted in. every time i go on there i feel inspired, and you’ll soon find i’m attracted to inspiration like no other. in fact, i find that i crave it.

(keep in mind this whole epiphany of mine was occurring in january of 2012. i promptly went on a shopping spree of purchasing craft supplies in much larger quantities than usual, with the excited intentions of building up an inventory for a shop... only to use up far too few of them for far too long. i wasn’t kidding when i said these projects of mine have been kicking around in my head for waaay too long. i was content with my intentions of doing it one day... a bad habit i really need to break.)

now, i’m not saying i’m an exceptionally talented hand-maker by aaany means. on the contrary, the items i have listed so far are pretty simple! my hope is that there are people out there who might share my taste in the baubles i come up with, rather than be amazed by my crafty prowess... at least, not yet ;) i’m starting out simple with the hopeful intention of learning new skills and expanding my inventory - along with my crafthandiness, a word i just made up - over time. part of this will involve learning to sew... which will certainly be a post (or several) for a different day. for right now, though, i'm sticking with jewelry.

so, my etsy shop - sharing the same name as my blog - finally exists. i see it as yet another way to exercise my creativity and be motivated to do so, since creating is something i find so rewarding. i also look forward to sharing it, instead of keeping it solitarily to myself, which is - albeit without specific intent - what usually ends up happening! just finally turbo-ing through and getting my shop started (and inherently making the commitment to stick with it) is a big accomplishment for me in and of itself. honestly, it’s kind of nerve-wracking, and more than a little bit intimidating... but in a good way. :) 

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