Wednesday 30 April 2014

mini spring-y update

the main purpose of this post is simply to do something with these flower pictures that have been kicking around on my phone for a few weeks now! i have been so, so enjoying the changing of the seasons lately - after so many months of cloudy overcast weather, it can be easy to forget the loveliness of bright blue skies.

plus, sunlight until 9pm... bliss for a shamelessly late-rising night owl like myself. ha.

this year in particular i've realized how beautiful spring & fall really are! as a december baby who loves christmas and always pined for time off from school, i was always more of a summer/winter girl growing up. i guess fall and spring had little of value to offer me back then! for some reason, my newfound appreciation for these seasons this makes me feel like i'm gettin' older... look at me, stopping to look at trees and smell the flowers ;)

for the record, i've recently come to the conclusion that my favourite flowers (at least right now) are forget-me-nots and carnations (top & bottom pictures respectively, for those less botanically-inclined, hehe.) for some reason, 'what is my favourite flower' was never a clear-cut answer for me, and i like to have these factual tidbits down-pat. that is all.

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