Tuesday 21 January 2014

microjournaling: Q&A a day 5-year journal

i wanted to do a bit of a feature on this product i discovered recently that i’ve been loving: the Q&A a day 5-year journal. this journal is such a neat idea that when i first found out about it, i immediately knew i wanted one!

here’s how it works: it has one short question for everyday of the year, and spots for 5 answers below it. the idea is that for the first year (say, 2014) you answer on the first line for each question. once you reach the end of the journal, you flip back to the start and begin again for 2015 - but on the second line of each page. you can repeat this process for 5 years until you’re left with 5 years worth of answers, each spaced a year apart, for each question. as a result, you’re able to compare your answers and see how they (and you) have changed (or not changed) throughout the years.

i’m someone who does enjoy journaling quite a lot, but i’m not as disciplined with it as i’d like. what’s great about this journal is the short prompts leave you with answers you probably wouldn't think to record otherwise! i’m dubbing the concept “microjournaling”. (just looked up if that has been thought of already, and it totally has. oh well! but that's exactly what it is.)

the questions range from superficial & random (“what song is stuck in your head today?”) to more deep and thought-provoking (“what makes 'you' you?”). this isn’t the only journal like this i’ve seen, but... it is the prettiest :) it’s such a beautifully designed book, i would love to have it out on display on my dresser (which i do!) even if i wasn’t filling it out daily (which i am!). the gold edging on the pages in particular is a beautiful touch.

i know they also have versions for mothers, who can answer a question or jot something about their child each day throughout 5 years of their life & growth. they also have a version for children themselves, a 4-year one for college years, one for couples... i just love clever ideas like this. coupled with the fact that it’s so gorgeous, i had to include a mini-feature of it on here :)

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