Monday 13 January 2014

hello :)

hi! i’m olivya. welcome to my blog, which i’m titling ‘alouwolf’, after my alter-ego/muse :) i’ve spent some time bouncing all over the place trying to construct the perfect introduction before realizing that i’ve made an entire blog here and don’t need to cover every topic in the first post... so, i suppose i’ll begin with explaining my motivation behind starting this blog, which seems like a logical place to start.

i’ve made the recent discovery that i’m the only one in control of my life. you might be thinking “that’s obvious” (fair enough) and, sure, it’s also slightly cliché. nonetheless, this realization has spurred me to kick into gear some projects (including this very blog!) that have been milling around in the back of my mind for far, far too long. “this is your world, shape it or someone else will” (gary lew) is a quote that has taken on an incorporeal presence in my life. my mission? to make my life a reflection of my passions.

this blog will be a way to help me do just that, as a space for personal expression as well as a creative outlet. i don’t know exactly how it is going to be just yet... but for once in my life i’m diving in before meticulously planning all of that - i really, really had to hold myself back. i did compromise and plan a little bit *cough*, BUT i held myself to a strict january 13th start-date to put up my first post regardless of how 'ready' i felt. for somebody with a tendency to obsessively (and indefinitely...) organize, this is progress.

i imagine you’ll find anything from outfit/accessories/makeup-of-the-day posts, to the chronicles of my learning to sew with any degree of competency, to the normal sorts of posts consisting of rants and raves about anything under the sun. as a chronic rambler who far prefers writing to speaking, these are things i’m excited about indeed.

this blog isn’t my only new project, though. nope, i’ve dived into this elusive mission of mine with a ‘go big or go home’ sort of mindset. i’m also working on an etsy shop of handmade bits and bobs, and a redbubble shop where you can find some of my art and design work. i’ll write longer, separate posts discussing my visions for those in the near future.

before letting this post get too out of hand, i’ll hop straight to the obligatory ‘come join me on my journey!’ statement (hey, at least i warned you). but no, seriously - i would love it if you were to do just that, and follow along as i undoubtedly (but hopefully endearingly) stumble my way through trying to make something for myself on my own little corner of the internet. :)

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